Rare Books On-Line

To: all
From: Jenny
Date: 01 May 1998
Time: 09:37:28


Hi everyone,

Cornell University has one of the largest and best collections of books on historical witchcraft, the Andrew D. White Collection. (I did my undergraduate work at Cornell, and can vouch that this is a *lovely* buncha texts!)

For years, the AD White collection was buried inside Cornell's Rare Books depository and was a tremendous pain to use. You had to go to CU, request one book at a time (which could not leave the library), you couldn't browse the stacks, you couldn't photocopy, you could only use pencils, etc., etc.

Well, it's now on-line!

Primary Source Media has uploaded many of the texts from this superb collection. The service isn't free (and they don't quote a price on their site, which is a baaad sign). But there's a two-week free trial period which will allow you to browse the books. The web-site for this is: