Summerlands Bookstore - a beginning

To: All
From: GreyWolf
Date: 14 Apr 1998
Time: 21:01:49


The Summerlands Bookstore - a beginning.

I am looking for a bit of help. I will be working with Deb and Searles on getting the Summerlands Bookstore up and running.

The idea is to get together a list of "GOOD" books, which can then be linked to Amazon.Com since we will be trying to get set up as an Amazon Associate. If all goes well, we will entertain an associate's relationship with the IBS bookstore as well. Other things could be done later on, such as videos, audio tapes, many other items (Deb is just full of good ideas).

What I am asking for is your input on what books you like and would recommend that others read.

They can be on any topic that is relevant to the Summerlands, Celtic History, Irish History, Herbs, Kitchen Witch, Burning Times, Celtic Food, Celtic Life, Archaeology, Astronomy, Astrology, Magick, Rituals, Goddess, Vedic, Mythology and Folklore, etc, you get the idea.

So, if you will be so kind as to think about book lists, I will deeply appreciate any and all suggestions. It will likely be easiest if you e-mail you lists to me - send to gar@eznet.net

I see two opportunities here.

First, a list of good books for the bookstore.

Second, a much larger list of books and other sresources (like videos, web links, language tapes, ect) that we can share within the Summerlands community. I am more than willing to compile this master listing of books and resources. If you would also like to add a couple of lines of comments on your books, please do so. Initially what I would like is Title - Author - ISBN Number if you have it. Any additionally info is optional, but I would be interested in the name of the publisher and the copyright date. Gee I don't want much do I <ggggg>.

So, Please, Please, Please, Please, get some book lists together and send them to me. Add any URLs for book resources that you would like as well.

I deeply thank you in advance for your help.

GreyWolf / Gary