Re: The Poor Little Witch

To: Jenny
From: Iuna
Date: 27 Mar 1998
Time: 13:42:36


If one person gets strung out on PCP and kills another while shouting that Satan is in control, that "proves" to the fundies that Satanic ritualistic killings are going on in huge numbers.

As for the thousands of killings to that one, in which the killer owned a Bible, had a picture of Jesus in the kitchen, went to church every week, and wore a cross...well, shucks, things happen.

Since my five years around a forensic lab/morgue, I've admired Agent Lanning's work. He knows more about the reality of crimes against kids than any other single person. Agent John Douglas, an affiliate of Lanning's, is similarly wise about serial killers. Both these experts have published articles and books about the criminals and what a citizen can do to protect self and family.

Why, then, do the fundies continue to follow so much urban legend and gospel propaganda? Small town police are almost as misled when they consult "occult experts" instead of experts the like of Lanning and Douglas. So many of the "occult experts" are just like those experts on ritualistic killing...full of shit.