Re: I Was the Bride of Satan

To: Jenny
From: Bean na nEan
Date: 11 Mar 1998
Time: 13:28:02



Sorry about the soap box, but I’m about to vent something here. The people these folks should be looking out for are mostly common-and-garden variety jerks who get the occasional thrill out of harassing children (like your neighbor.) They’re a cross-section of just about every walk of life, regardless of such factors as money, education, religion or gender identity (although historically most of them are males.) I've read that sometimes jail time, therapy, or hormonal treatments appear to settle 'em down, although I'd personally be inclined to say three strikes and boom, off to prison.

A few of these people, though, are terrifying predators whose heinous and murderous traits are, by most of us, only seen in the newspapers when the cops break up a ring of ‘em or when someone/s turn up dead. Their literature and film materials are in some cases the stuff of which parents’ worst nightmares are formed. Fortunately, although these monsters also represent a cross-section of society in general (except for the predominance of males,) they’re a lot less common than the other kind. I haven't any idea what to do with 'em; there isn't anyplace far enough away to send 'em, as far as I'm concerned.

When confronted with these crimes, if enforcement people would be looking for people exhibiting the behavior patterns of the ones already caught to explore whether there is any substantial evidence to be found, instead of acting on superstition, (usually = fear+ignorance), I suspect there would be fewer victims and also fewer noncriminals made into scapegoats.

(Soapbox OFF)

B*B, Bean na nEan