Email #4

To: Jenny
From: Deborah
Date: 25 Feb 1998
Time: 16:40:08


To: Texas-Pagan-Awareness@server.com
From: tpa@tpao.org
Subject: CyberSitter Responds

February 19, 1998

In an obvious response to the strong protest from the Pagan community against CYBERSitter's comments in WIRED!, it's mailboming of Pagan Asherah (Sara Salls) for her complaint against the company, and the recent practice of blocking and censoring all Pagan sites, CYBERSitter has given it's answer to our community.

Alerted by the Pagan Awareness League, I updated my filter files on my CYBERSitter program on Thursday afternoon, February 19th. It should be noted that I had just updated the filter files on 2/18/98. As P.A.L. had reported, there was a new filter provided for use by CYBERSitter customers called "Cults/Occult".

In the CYBERSitter program, there is a section for news from the company. In announcing this new filter to it's customers, CYBERSitter had this to say:

"February 19, 1998

We have added another new plug-in filter to CYBERsitter. This filter deals with cult, occult, and witchcraft activities. While these categories were previously integrated into other filter files, we have decided to separate them into their own category.

To get the new plug-in filter all you have to do is to click on the “Settings” button and then click on the “Update List” button. After your list has been retrieved, simply check the new WWW Advertising filter and update your filter files.

Please remember, this filter is still new and it takes some time to fully achieve the final results."

I'd like to point out that this filter was added so quickly that the news contained a typo. They tell you to check the WWW Advertising filter as opposed to the filter that they were actually announcing, which was the Cults/Occult filter. Perhaps this was a filter that was unplanned, and hadn't been thought of before, say, a week ago?

Blessed be, Lhiannon Texas Pagan Awareness, tpao.org