Re: Not Fit For Children?

To: Jenny/All
From: Deborah
Date: 18 Feb 1998
Time: 21:58:50


I too have been following this issue lately. You can get a ton of information on it by going to the "Peacefire" web site. They are a teen site that first broke the problem that sites like NOW (National Organization for Women) and anything to do with AIDS/gays etc could not be pulled up. Now, their site has also been banned. Their address is http://www.peacefire.org They are a non-profit site (donations are always appreciated).

Cybersitter is owned/run by Focus on the Family, an extreme right wing fundie organization who has stated that if the people who are banned dont like it "tough". (yes, that is a direct quote from their president.) They consider anyone who does not believe exactly like them to be beneath contempt and have put the words "pagan, wiccan, witch, witchcraft" on their ban list.

This is software that is being sold to and used by schools and libraries around the country. They are so hypersensitive to anybody who would DARE to critize their product that their software scans your computer before you download their product to see if you've been to the Peacefire site and if you have it will disconnect you. They also ban magazines and articles like that of Time and Wired that are critical of their software. AND if your site is one that is listed on one of the banned sites (ie, on peacefire, you are also banned by their software). They encrypt their banned list so that nobody can see who has actually been banned.

That is one of the major problems between them and Bennet Haselton (the kid who owns/runs Peacefire site). He broke their code and published a list of who was banned. That was when the "excrement interfaced with the air moving device" and we found out just what ALL was being blocked that wasnt on the original agenda.

They have finally had to come out of the closet (so to speak) and admit that they are trying to force their own moral agenda on the rest of the country through the guise of "protecting the poor lil children" (of course "they" dont phrase it that way") These are definitely a bunch we all need to keep an eye on. If you want, I've got a ton of urls I can post on reading material about this issue. Spent about 4 hours the other day following links and reading articles about them and the situation.