Re: Why You're Probably a Satanist

To: Jenny
From: Teb
Date: 16 Feb 1998
Time: 16:51:52



Wonderful posts as usual.

The statement that "... some groups believe that power resides in blood..." stopped me cold. If ever a religion believed in the power of blood it's Christianity. While some Christians believe that transubstantiation is symbolic, many believe it's literally true.

Two things--and I can't footnote either. I wish I could.

Somewhere there's a story--science fiction, I think--about someone who in taking communion finds the wine and the wafer turned to blood and flesh in his hands.

And I've read the comment that one of the reasons the Aztecs converted so easily to Christianity is that they recognized a similarly bloody religion.

Neither of these strikes me as reason to reject Christianity, btw.

B*B Teb