Botorrita Inscription (late second/early first century BC):

To Eniorosis and Tiato of Tiginos we dedicate trecaias and to Lugus we dedicate arainom.

To Eniorosis and to Equaesos, ogris erects coverings of olga and to Lugus he erects coverings of the tiasos.

Tablet of Chamalieres (c. AD 50):

I invoke the god Maponos arueriitis. Through the magic of the underworld gods.

C. Lucios Floros, Nigrinos the speaker, Aemilios Paterinos, Claudios Legitumos, Caelios Pelignos, Claudios Pelignos, Marcios Victorinos, and Asiaticos son of Adsedillos...

The oath they will swear-the small shall become great, the crooked become straight, and, though blind, I will see. With this tablet of incantation this will be...

luge dessummiiis luge dessumiis luge dessumiiis luxe.

Tablet of Larzac (c. AD 90):


-a magical incantation of women

-their ritual underworld names

-the prophesy of the seeress who weaves this spell

The goddess Adsagsona renders Severa and Tertionicna enchanted and bound.

St. Patrick [fourth century AD] Confession:

It is remarkable that the Irish have indeed become a people of the Lord and are children of God. These people who up until now had no knowledge of God, but worshipped idols and followed disgusting religious practices.

Old Irish Law:

Sixth century-Oaths may be sworn in presence of Druids (Old Irish drui) Seventh Century-Druid only has same rights as a boaire

Eighth Century-Protect me from the spells of women, blacksmiths, and Druids...