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December 1999

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Posted by: Bill Blank at,

As Webmaster for OBOD ( let me congratulate you on your website, both content and design.
Posted by: Jo Ann Hinkle at 16:15:30 P.M. on 7/11/99, http://your_website

I really loved your site. It felt warm and comfortable and made me feel welcome. Thanks. Jo Ann
Posted by: Jo Ann Hinkle at 16:16:29 P.M. on 7/11/99, http://your_website

I really loved your site. It felt warm and comfortable and made me feel welcome. Thanks. Jo Ann
Posted by: Michael at 21:36:04 P.M. on 7/13/99,

Hi! I'am Mikel 33 a little Druid in Germany/Düsseldorf! I look for a friend/girlfriend by Wicca. You must German speacking! Mail Me! love M I C H A E L
Posted by: Dementia (aka Rayven) at 7:39 PM 7-16-99,

Merry Meet on this wonderful day. I finally found a wiccan website that lived up to what I believe the following to be. I loved my travels here and found some great imformation and support. My journey has not been an easy one. I have recieved my persecution from the american public school system and even been threatened by leaders of the district in which I reside. I have also had many person trials to deal with and your site helped me immensly. Thank you so much. I will forever cherish the time I spent here.
Posted by: ReBeCCa HaLL at 18:29:29 P.M. on 7/17/99, http://your_website

This is a cool and very interesting site.
Posted by: Spijder at,

Absolutely amazing site! so much to browse through! keep up the great work :D
Posted by: Lisa Zubach at 21:09:58 P.M. on 7/24/99, http://your_website

I thouroughly enjoyed my small tour through your website, I' just beeginning my journey into the wicca arts, and I found your library to be especially helpful. I hope to become a summerland member one day.
Posted by: jonathan charles ciuffetelli at 8:26:05 A.M. on 7/29/99
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

i havent currently got a e-mail address because i dont have the internet i am currently at school and can not remember the address
Posted by: Lady Ishtare at11:52 pm, 07*28*99,

Merry Meet To All! Feel free to email me, as I am eager to learn from fellow Pagans.
Posted by: Franz Travnik at 10:11:09 A.M. on 7/30/99, http://your_website

Posted by: Aaron Gerow at 12:09:04 P.M. on 8/8/99
MelonieC @, http://your_website

Hello, I think what you are doing with this organization is simply wonderful. It is like I get to interact with people more like myself which I don't get to do very often. But if I may there is a forboding question I would like to ask.I have been studying the craft avidly for over 3 years and in that time I have acquired I guess you could call a good sum of knowledge , but I have a friend of whom I have been passing my knowledge to and now he calls me his mentor . I know I am not deserving of that rank but I'd still like to teach him.He does seem willing to learn but I feel everyones life has a differeent path do you think I should keep teaching him or let him do it all himself after all,the quest for self realization is a very private matter and I think he is letting me know more about himself than what I should know. What do you think? Merry we meet , Merry we part Aaron Gerow
Posted by: Amethyst atSunday August 8 1999,

Merry Meet, you have a wonderful site here. For once I don't have to squint to read what was written on the page :) Keep up the good work. Blessed Be. /-\methyst
Posted by: Andrew A. Gdog G at August 9th, 12:02 AM,

Posted by: Andros atFriday, August 13th 1999 4:42 PM,

Posted by: Brian Sproat at9:25 am 8/18/99, N/A

I found your website informative. I can pay for the classes though, I am going back to college.
Posted by: Spijder at 21:19:00 P.M. on 8/18/99,

Wonderful site! keep up the fantastic work.
Posted by: Ikanuba atAugust 20, 1999,

I have just discovered this page and after a initial overview, I can not wait until I discover all it has to offer. It looks likes a great resouce for Druid Knowledge. This page once again affirms.... "When the student is ready, the master (webpage) will appear".... Ikan
Posted by: Angela Rodgers at 16:59:37 P.M. on 8/24/99, http://your_website

great site and very interesting i really enjoyed it.thanks
Posted by: William Bailey at 12:24:07 P.M. on 8/29/99

I am always looking for new knowlegde all is happly ecepted
Posted by: Paula Kane at 14:40:31 P.M. on 9/14/99, none

Posted by: Karla Marie Helbert at2:49 pm 9-23-99, n/a

Summerlands community, I must tell you that your on-line community seems wonderful. As a Witch, please let me say that I am happy to see such a site as yours which encourages such a positive experience and includes families and community. There is so much garbage out there and I have barely been on-line for a month. I am thinking of joining. Again, thank you.
Posted by: Amanda Dianne Scarlett Magickal name Eve at 18:38:16 P.M. on 9/27/99, http://your_website

Great site!!!!! Eve
Posted by: Eve Scarlett at 18:38:40 P.M. on 9/27/99, http://your_website

Great site!!!!! Eve
Posted by: John Gardner at 10/1/99
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

Excellent site indeed. May the Nemesis give you happiness.
Posted by: Juan Luis Sanz at 15:48:23 P.M. on 10/11/99,

Muchisimas Gracias! Despues de haber buscado sitios que me digan las cosas como son, he encontrado este sitio lleno de energias positivas que guardare en eternidad...
Posted by: Vikki Matthews at13 of October 1999, 12:35pm, http://your_website

I have enjoyed my visit to this web site, and I will visit again. Today this has inspired me to do more with my life and the way I'm going to live it!Thank-you for making this an enjoyable experience!
Posted by: Brenda K Laney at 19:24:53 P.M. on 10/19/99, http://your_website

Posted by: Terry McCombs at 1:21:39 A.M. on 10/20/99,

Just in case anyone one from Birmingham, Alabama is reading I would like to invite them to the first meeting of M.E.A.L. or Mystic Exploration And Learning. A new study group. first meeting Oct. 30. follow the link for details. take care
Posted by: MeldrynKar at 16:53:07 P.M. on 10/23/99,

Netter Ort hier. Werde wohl auch in Zukunft öfters mal reinschauen. Den Segen der Götter über euch und euer Werk.
Posted by: Michael Kriesch, the Watcher at 0:36:21 A.M. on 10/25/99, http://your_website

Greetings to all from the Watcher in Newcastle, Australia. It's a pleasure to visit the site, I,ve been a trial member for 12 hours and love the discoveries I've made whilst checking out Summerlands. I hope to join up and attend classes soon as University Exams finish and our new little wizard is born (both in two weeks). Under the Oaks and from the Stone, the watcher and clan.
Posted by: Lilian Birtwhistle at 17:03:17 P.M. on 10/27/99
rubydragon@elvin2.ruby.freeserve, http://your_website

Bright blessings to all of you beautiful children. I was travelling a long time in cyber space before I was guided to you site. I am so thankful that I was for it is truly an oasis of love and harmony.
Posted by: Ikanuba at 1:05:03 A.M. on 10/28/99,

This is a great site and after following the news groups for some time now I have come to respect the opion of Searles. He seems to be a wise man. I am glad to see people like him making a presence in this world.... Keep up the great work. Ikan
Posted by: Jim Moffatt at 3:17:05 A.M. on 10/29/99, http://your_website

This is by far the most touching and beautiful sight that I have yet found. I look forward to becomming more involved and growing in spirt and blessing with you all here. May the Gods bless you and give you Peace...Jim
Posted by: Wendi Negus at 22:24:30 P.M. on 10/30/99,

FABULOUS!! I love it, your site is truly a crossroads. I enjoyed every minute of my visit and will return often. Thank you for the great information, graphics and insight. Truly Amazing..
Posted by: Peter Meessen at 17:34:44 P.M. on 10/31/99,

Nice to meet so many poeple in the net believing in the old ways.
Posted by: Amethyst-Ivy-Rose at 12:05:22 P.M. on 11/24/99
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

Posted by: mark miskell at 15:33:33 P.M. on 11/24/99, http://ks2/greywolf

Posted by: Deborah O'Dubhain at,

Just a test message. Please ignore and we'll be deleting it shortly. Thanks. Deb
Posted by: Aradia at
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

Posted by: Aradia BlueWind at 11/30/99 11:30 A.M.,

Posted by: Kendall Good & Leanne Czernowski at 3/12/99 10;02 , http://your_website

We love your site Keep up the good work. Best site I've ever been on.
Posted by: Helen mobley Charpentier at 11:42 PM 12/07/99
MERLYNN2000@EMAIL.MSN.COM, http://your_website

Posted by: Oskar Hagström at 12:53:56 P.M. on 12/10/99,

Hello there, celtic fellows...
Posted by: KOMTUR at,

Hallo Dan, ich wollte mich nur mal wieder melden, hab schon lange nichts mehr von Dir gehört oder gelesen. Wir sind gerade dabei eine Keltenburg zu erschaffen um eine feste Gemeinschaft bilden zu können. Es tut sich was im Land der Kelten :-)) Viele Grüße noch und mögen die Götter auch Dir wohlgesonnen sein. KOMTUR
Posted by: Quasi Modo at
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

Du Troottel
Posted by: IFATOLA at 12-23-99 2000,

Beautiful site created by beautiful people.

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