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December 1998

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Date: 04 Jul 1998
Time: 00:32:54


Lovely Site. I was just out perusing the web, seeing what the others were doing while I slept. I always did like the Celts and their offspring. A very inviting group, when you don't come swinging a sword.

Michael McCanlin

Date: 05 Jul 1998
Time: 23:24:25


I am new to this site but what I see, I like. Keep up the good work.

Lady Sunny Wolf Spirit

Date: 18 Jul 1998
Time: 17:43:12


Merry Meet Mariah ! This is LadyMae. I finaly got around to look at you web site. I love it. I also have irc now. I put " summerlands" on my list. I am looking forword to joining in on your chats. This is one of the best pages I have found here. Hope to see you online soon. By the way.... thanks for sending all those links. Lady Mae

Posted by: Searles O'Dubhain at 0:56:12 A.M.on 7/27/98,

We hope you enjoy the new format for the guestbook. We look forward to being more in touch with each of you. Searles
Posted by: Traumrufer at 3:35:01 A.M. on 8/7/98, no website till now

Hello, I found a reference to your site at the pinboard of literary-chat at AOL germany, calling your site an interesting one. So I looked around a little bit and I think : yes, beautiful site !! Now I found refernece here that there is a membership, means there is to pay something for using the site ? But I couldn't find the price, and the connection to registration failed. Perhaps you can send me informations by email ? Thanks and good wishes in the moonlight (which is shining now on me...) :-) Traumrufer
Posted by: John Martinoff at 8:27:37 A.M. on 8/7/98,

One of the best sites I've seen. I love it.I will continue to visit.
Posted by: Altitona at 14:37:08 P.M. on 8/10/98

Really great work and a wonderful website, where content and design are the same quality. Most I like the interactivity of your site and I will give you a link for this work! A warm welcome to everybody at my website, which tells you the "hidden" history of Celtic religion and culture in Europe even in medieval times and today. I'm happy about everybody, who signs my new guestbook, too (I have still to colour it, but content is important!) Blessings, Altitona
Posted by: Lady Sunny Wolf Spirit at 11:37:25 A.M. on 8/10/98, http://your_website

What I have seen is great. Keep up the good work
Posted by: Ronald L. Fulton Jr. at 21:32:40 P.M. on 8/16/98,

Hello people, I have been looking for a place to call a home away from home spiritually, I think I found it. I am new to the web, I am just learning to use it.(having a hard time finding the right places, found yours by accident, but I like it. I need to learn alot about where I feel I belong spiritually, I hope this is it.( I think it is.)
Posted by: Aranea at 20:18:48 P.M. on 8/25/98,

Greetings, Deb and Searles! Just finished browsing the site in preparation for our review for the upcoming issue of PagaNet News... Everything looks great! I know folks who read the review are going to be logging on to check out your site. I look forward to seeing all the links and pages up and running; I know it's a ton of work, but keep it up! You're doing a fantastic job! Blessings, Aranea Publisher/Editor PagaNet News
Posted by: Kathleen Ramey aka Ametisti Sylvianne Rameau at 8:17:23 A.M. on 9/6/98, (under construction)

Merry Meet and Bright Greetings, Thankyou for the invite, u have a wonderfully magickal place here...i would love to join but am having problems getting into that window, (the warning window that did come up said i should mention it to you)...Blessings, Ametisti
Posted by: Kent Frazier at 16:59:19 P.M. on 9/6/98,

I am very new to the pagan belief. But it is one that has attracted me for over a year. This month, I desided to follow the pagan path. Now it time for me to learn and grow. I can see you a will be a big part of this through your web site. Thank Kent Frazier
Posted by: Ken Lutzow at 9:30:43 A.M. on 9/7/98,

Posted by: Ken Lutzow at,

I enjoyed your site, with so much to see and do I'll have to come back to explore it all.
Posted by: Eveline Grander at 17:22:08 P.M. on 9/9/98, http://your_website

Hallo Dan, ich denke Du heißt so ? Ich bin ganz aus dem Häuschen vor lauter Freude, daß ich auf Eurer Seite gelandet bin. Ist so schön Gleichgesinnte gefunden zu haben. Wo bist Du denn stationiert? Hier ist es mit dem Keltentum auch so eine Sache, aber wie es aussieht über die Kultur schauts echt gut aus. Ich bin mit dem Verein hier auch erst am Anfang, habe aber schon eine öffentliche Veranstaltung Lughnasadh gemacht und die hiesigen Ornungshüter haben es begrüßt, das Brauchtum und so... Hier im Pinzgau, das ist noch eine richtige alte Keltenbastion haben wir auch noch viele keltischen Bräuche, die über die ganzen Jahrhunderte durch gefeiert wurden und noch immer werden und in letzter Zeit wurde in unserem Tal einiges ausgegraben. Wenn IHr noch immer jemanden für die Österreichisch Übersetzung braucht, übernehme ich das gerne, im Pinzgauerdialekt gibt es noch sehr viele alten keltischen Stammworte, im alten Pinzgauerischen gibt es daher Worte, die man nicht auf Deutsch übersetzen kann. Wie auch immer bis bald Eveline Grander

Posted by: tobias j wentzell\ at 12:28:35 P.M. on 9/17/98
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

Posted by: Bryce S. Parkinson at 15:04:55 P.M. on 9/21/98,

What a beautiful place for a solitary witch to stumble into !Blessed Be.
Posted by: Brad Moore at 12:29:33 P.M. on 9/24/98,

Posted by: sheik_sebir at 15:26:46 P.M. on 10/1/98,

I have a limited time I can use the public library's computer, but I have a website called "The Barsoom Fish 'Rap" where I list other websites. Yours has been designed by some very good people. It has style and a consistancy of design throughout. BB
Posted by: Jesse Hamilton, aka Wind at 14:03:13 P.M. on 10/5/98,

Beautiful site you have here, I have only grazed the surface this time, but I will return to take a deeper look. Please visit my site if it ppleases you please return an the mid of october, as it will be completed then,, *Gracious bow* Wind
Posted by: Tamara M. Hannah at 14:37:00 P.M. on 10/10/98, http://your_website

Posted by: Sean Pol Mac Uisdin at 12:50:13 P.M. on 10/11/98,

Ceud mile failte dhuibh. S'mise Seam Pol Mac Uisdin, agus tha mi a Bhictoria, Canada. S'toileam do aite. Moran tang dhuibh.
Posted by: Sean Pol Mac Uisdin at 12:50:13 P.M. on 10/11/98,

Ceud mile failte dhuibh. S'mise Seam Pol Mac Uisdin, agus tha mi a Bhictoria, Canada. S'toileam do aite. Moran tang dhuibh.
Posted by: Kelli A. Serencsa at 18:54:54 P.M. on 10/13/98 , N/A

This is a wonderful site. I was searching for information on the claddaugh and I stumbled onto your site. It's beautiful and rich in Celtic history and information. Thank you for the wonderful time! :)
Posted by: Karen Ann Garrett at 9:54:26 A.M. on 10/14/98, TBD

It's a lovely site. I'll be visiting often.
Posted by: Jessica Lee Beaushene at 14:54:00 P.M. on 10/17/98,

Posted by: Mary Silverbirch at 22:26:05 P.M. on 10/19/98, http://your_website

Hi there !!!! This is such a nice site !!!! I loved my visit !! Keep up the good work !! Brightest blessings
Posted by: DeannaRamage at 13:58:39 P.M. on 10/26/98, http://your_website

Posted by: Tiffany Jackson at 20:48:35 P.M. on 10/26/98
tiff@natchitohces.netl.domain, http://your_website

Your website is very interesting. You have some great graphics on it. I also think what you all are about is great. So keep up the excellent work.
Posted by: Stacey Skyler at 23:15:33 P.M. on 12/2/2000, http://your_website

Posted by: Stacey Skyler at 23:22:43 P.M. on 12/2/2000, http://your_website

You have a very interesting site here. I'm glad I saw it. I'm just getting into Paganism so I don't know all there is to know about it. But I've always wondered and was curious to know everything I could about it. Never lose the website it's great. -Stacey Skyler
Posted by: Corinne DeVane at 19:54:35 P.M. on 11/1/98, http://your_website

Hi ah pops! Your web page is looking good. I see all of your hard work has paided off I miss you.
Posted by: a. Joseph Gillis at 19:57:11 P.M. on 11/1/98, http://your_website

Was interested in the informaion provided and wanted to do some digging. I wish I had more time to read tonight. I promise to return in the future.
Posted by: Jamie Lynn Stolte at 15:50:03 P.M. on 11/5/98,

very informative and helpful to a teenage witch. Thank you and Blessed be!
Posted by: Kevin Russell Sorenson at 22:49:16 P.M. on 11/19/98, http://your_website

Posted by: Heather P. Wales at 17:39:20 P.M. on 11/27/98, http://your_website

I have enjoyed visiting the Summerlands site! Although I am not associated with any Celtic or medievalist tradition, I found this site extremely interesting and informative.
Posted by: Sarah Cordell at 16:51:50 P.M. on 11/30/98
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

Posted by: Sarah Cordell at 16:55:59 P.M. on 11/30/98
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

I'll be back again
Posted by: Axel at 0:27:54 A.M. on 12/2/98,

When you possess a light within, you see it externally... I hope all of you will celebrate a wonderful Midwinter! I want to thank all people out there who make the music of Earth God Rising that beautyfull! Blessed be!
Posted by: Charmed one at 11:33:05 A.M. on 12/2/98
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

I'm at school right now reaserching paganism. I found your site all in all well made but I was looking for more of a history....i.e., rituals, festivals,description of the religion
Posted by: Searles O'Dubhain at 17:50:06 P.M. on 12/3/98,

Folks looking for information should look and search the Public Library here in The Summerlands. They should also look at the many message boards that we have. Each one of them is filled with expert advice, discussion and information on all manner of Pagan topics.
Posted by: Dan Kay at 18:24:35 P.M. on 12/6/98,

This is a wonderful place! Thank you. Dan
Posted by: Deanna Ramage at 10:15pm pst, 12/8/98, http://your_website

I would like to be on your email list. Thank you
Posted by: Harold R. Hickey Jr. at12/09/98---8:03 PM EST,

Always was interested in Druidism,being a Celt by blood and actions. Have a strong kinship with animals and nature,but am bound by technology and progress.Wish the world would de-volve.If this sounds anti-social,forgive my ramblings.
Posted by: Trevelyan Bloomfield at 11:32:58 A.M. on 12/20/98, n/a

What a lovely site , was searching for a graphic of a druid , am in somewhat of a hurry , but will definitely return to further my knowledge . Have some interest in the subject , ancsetry, and simple belief lead me to think that this is the stle of spirituality best suited to me . In good hopes for the future Trevelyan
Posted by: shimmera at1:55pm 12~28~98,

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