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December 2001

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Posted by: Bill Elmer atlunchtime 5-1-1 (mmmm... lunchtime),


Posted by: Stars'fire at 12:36:21 P.M. on 1/10/2001
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Posted by: Stars'fire at 12:41:06 P.M. on 1/10/2001

Posted by: lindsay Cowell at 26 January 2001,

an Australian visitor bardic member of order of the southern cross great info thanks

Posted by: missy at 10:42:23 A.M. on 1/26/2001, http://your_website

merry meet to all I really like finding this site it is good to see that we all can meet together and partake of the spirituality that we all share

Posted by: Rodney Hughes at1050 am est 2/11/2001,

I have enjoyed your site so much and will becoming back agin, I was given the link on a E.mail from a Private Druid club I belong to, and Iam very glad they did and that I followed through to check your home out. Its very Nice, If you dont mind ill be linking to you from my site. Good sites are hard to find. yes you can add me to your email list only fair you are on mine.

Posted by: Amy Dopson at 3:55pm 3/2/01 ,

Hi!! My name is Amy Dopson! I was just surfing the internet when I found your site! The site looks great, keep up the good work! Please stop by and post your url and sign our guestbook at Here you can find information on my Music, Our Band Faol Ba'n (Celtic Rock), Our Band October Country, and when/where you can see us play!! Also, you will find samples of my songs for your listening pleasure under the Files Section, as well as chapters of my new novel about Lady Brendana. Thank You, Amy Dopson

Posted by: leann yngsdal at 23:47:13 P.M. on 3/5/2001,

I registered with your site, because it seems to be what I have been looking for, but your site will not let me enter anywhere. I also sent you a regular email about this problem. Please tell me what you think is wrong, and why I cant get to any of your sites. I feel VERY BAD that I cant use your site!!!!!!!! Leann

Posted by: Searles O'Dubhain at 6 March 2001 at 12:10 AM Central US Time,

I'll be emailing you with this message as well. Your username and password that you used when you registered work to get a person into the Summerlands using Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. I tried both of those to verify that you had correctly registered. Perhaps you're enterinng the information with capitalization or a typo? Even extra spaces sometimes prevent valid logins. I suggest goes to this page: and entering the email address that you used when registering into the "forget your password" form on the bottom of the page. That will have the exact username and passsword that works for you emailed to you. We want to have you join us on our site. We're frustrated and sorry that you're experiencing difficulties getting logged in. Please keep trying. Everyone is important to establishing and maintaining our community.

Posted by: leann j yngsda at 22:14:11 P.M. on 3/7/2001, http://your_website

L love your site! I just wish I could get my username and password to work, so I could do some serious surfing and learning! thanks. Blessings Be.

Posted by: Louise Arendel Hackett at 18:22:43 P.M. on 3/14/101, http://your_website

Where are all the english people? Where oh where????? Hi, just browsing over here in Sunny England, trying to raise english awareness of the pagan/druidic religions, and finding it very frustratin. You'd think paganism didn't exist. And only a few centries ago we were leaders in the field :P Anyway, keep up the good work, and to anyone from Newcastle and Birmngham (America), be safe in the knowledge that your city is probably a hundred percent better than the British version, and much less smelly :D tarah

Posted by: Steve Pitt at 10:03:32 A.M. on 3/15/101, none

It's so refreshing to see that,"You can Kill my body; and damn my soul for not believing in 'your' god and some world below... But you don't stand a chance against my love, and you don't stand a chance against my prayers...we will all live again!"(qutoe from Robby Robertson) A question?...I have extensively studied sound/vibration theory, and can quote references to all that I cliam...If anybody is interested in Sacred Geometry/ Sound healing/Correspondense charts(scientifically verified)/Yantras/ancient texts/crop circles,etc..Please contact me at:

Posted by: Jamie Vaughn at6:27 p.m. 03/17/01, http://your_website

Posted by: Arianrhod SilverWheel at,

A great website! Found the Labara articles very informative. Blessings, Arian

Posted by: mary pierce at 16:13:56 P.M. on 3/23/2001
j9ditzy@hotmail.comyourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

so far its quite interesting

Posted by: mary pierce at 14:49:36 P.M. on 3/25/2001
reds_hell_holei like, http://your_website

Posted by: Wyll Quinton Hondo-Boren-O'Banion at1:40am March 28,2001, http://your_website

I really enjoyed your website. I found it very informitive and spiritualy uplifting. I'm an Irish Tradition Druid and I have searched the internet for sites that have Druidism reffrence. All that I have found was Welsh or British traditons but your site was very interesting and enjoyable. I will return many more times and I will recommend this site to all of my pagan friends. Thank you for your site. Danu and Kernunnos blessings, Wyll

Posted by: David J Holland at 10:44:25 A.M. on 4/12/101, http://your_website

greetings from darwin (australia)found your link in another web site thank you for the friendly welcome, i will be back when i have more time

Posted by: David J Holland at 10:53:36 A.M. on 4/12/101, http://your_website

Thank you for your welcome,i will return again.

Posted by: golden oak at4.14pm friday 13/04/2001, none

I really loved what i saw of your site, i am a solitary wicca. i live in queensland australia, and i will be back to visit again, as there is so much to see. Just wonderfull, thank you, i hope one day to join you. Merry meet, Merry part, and Merry meet again, bright blessings to one and all.

Posted by: Carlos M. Ballesteros at3:00 p.m. 4/17/01, http://your_website

I am a recently converted pagan and I hope to be as involved in the traditions of the old ways as you are. Thank you for the inspiration.

Posted by: tim badding at 23:33:46 P.M. on 4/23/2001,

to lord and lady, I am new too this and would like to learn and grow.I have tried to look into way of life I could believe in and I hope to start a new. I have always been looking at some type of old religion, the feeling I get I have been lost for a time and now I am finding my way back to my roots. If you can help me that will be great I live in Minnesota,usa

Posted by: Senana Starchild at,

Hey Folks I have really enjoyed visiting your page, and I will surely come back, it has touched me deeply I am Austrian, so have a rather hard time with english literature, so I have a question, more a request, I would search old english/irish/celtic poems, as far as they exist in written form! I really like to put words into pictures and integrate them into drawings, but I did not yet succeed in finding suiting sources, and, even if I'd find them, I would not understand all of it without help so maybe a friendly soul within those halls might help me, or at least give me an advice on where to search, I would be really thankful that is only the first thing that striked me when reading this page, I will read on and click through it and maybe find something else to talk about :-)) My blessings and those of the swan with you! Senana @}--}---- by the way.. do you have a chat..?

Posted by: DANTE DEMETRION at 05-20-01, http://your_website

merry meet to's nice to know that there are so many wiccans out there..i'm hoping that wicca will flurish as it did many years back..i think that this is a wonderful site,and i hope that there are others who will oneday come across it just as i have,and enjoy the many wonders it has to offer to all us wiccans...blessed be....

Posted by: gerald marshall at 5.30pm 05-29, http://your_website

Posted by: James Houston Groome at3:25 p.m. 5/31/01,

Wonderful site; hope to return. I was searching for pagans to talk to today or to at least get an e-mail address from someone, for I am alittle p-ed off lately; I am pretty alone lately and just need other pagans to speak with.. "SO," if anyone wants to write me go ahead. I walk a druidic path basically and wish to continue this- always to continue to become the path itself. Anyway- Blessed be.. Would love to hear from some new pagans and maybe get adive on this lonely, burden of wisdom.. What do I do? Merry part but living in a mundane part of North Carolina. -James Groome (Bluebell)

Posted by: Michael (O'Neill) Ben-Ami at10:45 AM, 27 June 2001, none

shalom: Excellent site. I didn't have the time to pour over it as it deserves, but I'll be back. Mike (O'Neill) Ben-Ami Israel

Posted by: Sir, Baronet Kurt C Mueller, Messenger of the Manifesto 2000 at 06:41 A.M. on 06-29-01,

It's not to late to sign the Manifesto 2000 and support the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence proposed by the United Nations. You can see and sign the Manifesto 2000 on the Website URL I provided. Thank You, Kurt, Messenger of the Manifesto 2000

Posted by: Bari Kathleen Henderson at 07 July 01
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

hey,hey,HELLO!!!!! just thought i would drop a note to say 'how are ya'll?' and that i'm thinkin' about you!!! Lily and i are happy, healthy, and honery(sp?)! i just started a new job & my comp. hasn't been personalized yet, but i will be in touch soon!!! the site looks great!!! be well--bari

Posted by: Crystal Carlyon atJuly 19 2001, http://your_website

Posted by: Toni Rene Fettig atAugust 3, 2001 11:55pm,

My mother died in 1997 of pancreatic cancer. She was a dedicated Wiccan and strongly believed in the old ancient Egyptian religion. In her articles before her death she always said she was going to Summerland to rest after her death. i was curious so i put Summerland in a search and came up with your page, I read a little and now I understand and truly believe this is where she is. I am her daughter, Toni thank you for enlightening me on Summerland and bringing me closeness with my Mom. Its been 4 years since I have seen her. Please visit her page I made under my URL above. Thank you very much and Blessed Be.

Posted by: Jason Brown at 4 aug 01 7:47(cdt),

Posted by: Cathbadh at 11:10:08 A.M. on 8/7/101,

Great Website, lota good stuff for us Druids and Celtic Pagans!

Posted by: Cathbadh at 11:10:08 A.M. on 8/7/101,

Great Website, lota good stuff for us Druids and Celtic Pagans!

Posted by: Sandy Larsen at,

Hi. Liked your Web site -- I just happened to bump into it while surfing. Have Fun!

Posted by: Gregory Jerome Martin at0954 ET 21Aug2001, http://your_website

Posted by: Laura Hilsdon at, http://your_website

This site is very good! I found it through Yahoo search engine. I have a favour to ask: If anybody knew a Rosetta Delsia (Lived in England)please could they contact me. She was my great grandmother and also a witch like me so i would like to find more about her. Blessed be.

Posted by: ShadowSong at09/09/2001,

I have been following the Celtic pagan path for 10 years now. I strictly practise white magick only, which in my definition is that which does not harm others or that would affect their life or actions without their prior consent and knowledge. Anyway, enough of introductions; we are all connected in spirit and so in a way, know each other already. Or at least that is my belief. My husband and I are planning on moving to the East Coast, particularly West Virginia, but I am interested in hearing about other states as well. I would like to hear from pagans in those states. I am a bit frightened at the thought of moving to a community where there may not be other pagans for me to relate to. Also, I would like to know how the non-pagans in those areas view our beliefs and practises. Please e-mail me. Thanks, and Blessed Be! ~Shadow Song~

Posted by: Joshua Walls at,

hello, i enjoyed your site and all the info, it's nice to see people sharing religious veiws, i'm a very open minded christian,i have studied the bible,kabbalah,the golden dawn,wicca,"witchcraft" Carlos Casteneda's series, voodoo and now I'm interested in the vedas. Religion has always been my passion, i feel we all worship the same god and then argue about who is wrong and who's right.keep up the good work.

Posted by: angela borden at 10-11-01 9:50 am, http://your_website

Posted by: Nicole Thompson at Oct. 12, 2001 at 1:03pm,

Good afternoon! I look forward to exploring the Summerlands. I have been searching for years to find my heart, and I believe I may have found it in wiccan. However, I am from Lynchburg, Tennessee, with no known help to further my studies. If it is possible to find someone, please let me know! Thank you!

Posted by: Nicole Thompson aka Tigress at 10-17-01 @ 1:10pm central standard time,

I look forward to exploring the Summerlands. I hope that it will help me learn what I need to know. I just finding my way into wiccan and truly believe it is what I have been searching for my entire life. If someone could help me learn, I would truly appreciate it. Living in Lynchburg, Tennessee, a very small town doesn't help! Ha! Ha! Ha! Peace be with you!!!!

Posted by: Kristin Sanders at 23:33:39 P.M. on 10/17/101,

Very Informative Site ;)

Posted by: Little Mouse at 23:49 Oct 31 2001,

this is a truly great site.i found it as a link from isaac bonewits pagan directory.keep up the good work. BLESSED BE!

Posted by: AuraRoy atFriday, November 2, 2001. 10:46pm

Posted by: AuraRoy at Friday, November 3,2001. 10:46pm

This is a wonderful sight! thank you for the work you've put into it.

Posted by: Paul Michael Fitzgerald at 9:19 EST 11/08/01,

Dear folks, Fascinating web sight. Rather important too considering the world we live in. Paul Fitzgerald

Posted by: Danni Harris atNovember 10, 2001 10:21 am central,

I think that your website is wonderful and Ive included a link to it from my homepage. I think that others should share in all the wonderful information that you have to share.

Posted by: Maryanne McRostie at Wednesday 14th November, 2001, http://your_website

I stumbled across you wonderful site and enjoyed it, I wish I could join your wonderful community

Posted by: Jocelyn Woods at 10:16:43 A.M. on 11/24/2001, none

Myself and a couple of my friends are just starting out int the world of Wicca. We have found it to be very educational and your site has been a little more helpful than most out there.

Posted by: Kennedy Coldforge at 27nov01, none

I was raised Celtic, I have followed the tenents my entire life (33 years). Until recently I practiced solitary, but I have taken an apprentice, and some of her questions where beyond my ability to explain, since I was raised with out definition...I have been searching for information to help me explain and have realized the many changes, the resurgance, and the butchery of the path... It saddens me, and leaves me at a loss for words. Our Father Creator and Mother Progenitor have no answers for me. perhaps a walk into the woods will help. Blessed be and safe journeys to all on your chosen paths.

Posted by: dragonbelly at, http://your_website

I love this site!! i wish i could become a member but i cant afford it!! slainte dragon

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