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June 1998

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Date: 11 Dec 1997
Time: 16:53:59


Hey there!

*Very* nice site. I don't have time for more than a cursory glance right now, but I'll be back to explore.

Bright Blessings!

Walking Stick Ozark Avalon

Date: 21 Dec 1997
Time: 12:18:15




Date: 23 Dec 1997
Time: 02:47:52


Beautiful site, very well constructed! I came at the invitation of Teb, and hope to be a regular visitor eventually. Thanks for making such an inviting place available on the web.


Date: 27 Dec 1997
Time: 11:35:06



Date: 10 Jan 1998
Time: 22:48:10


Hi there, really nice Site folks. i'm working on my own simple place just to see how it would turn out. My name is Adrian Guillory Screen Name Estelaran2. it's good to see this quality of site. Shade and Sweet Water folks Merry Part i'll try and come by to sign up une day. Bye

Date: 13 Jan 1998
Time: 20:21:18


Greetings and Bright Blessings; Your site is wonderful! That says a mouth full. I was pleased by the style and by the feeling of welcome that I recieved as soon as I hit the page. You have given people a wonderful place to gather and to be heard. I applaud your work and admire what you have accomplished. I am a teacher of Wicca and Druid studies. I will recommend that all my students stop by and gain the feeling of strength and well being that I was afforded when I came to visit this magical place. May the Lord and Lady shine on you and the path that you have chosen to share with others. Lady Arry'shanna- Selene, Dragon Dreamer & Priestess to the Kinship of the Dragon's Fenn.

Date: 16 Jan 1998
Time: 16:35:21



I found your web-page to be very nicely done. I am looking forward to doing further exploration. I wish you-all well.


Akiernox Pryffindur O'Casey

Date: 30 Jan 1998
Time: 21:52:31


I found you (finally!) Tis good you see you both again! I have been searching for your chat. Hopefully I will find soon!

What a beautiful site! A very welcoming place.

Love you both! Brandie Moonfire

Date: 08 Feb 1998
Time: 17:31:36


Thank you for a beautifully designed site. I really enjoyed the the lovely graphics (Celtic art yum yum particularly like the colouring of the Crossroads logo from George Bain). The balance between using sophisticated site design like moving bits, colour, indexes, boxes etc and being friendly and accessible is unusually good. Some sites are so enamoured of the technology that one is quite battered with it to no good effect otherwise. I clicked on the CHAT but it was disconnected. (a note from Searles ... I looked! I gasped! I fixed the link! :-) The time difference is often a problem as Im over in Wales UK between 5 and 8 hours ahead of you.

My site is HOUSE OF THE GODDESS e.mail

I am the Clan Mother, living in West Wales but commute to London monthly to run our motherhouse temple for a national clan of Houses. I am doing a doctorate in theology at U of Wales where there's plenty of Celtic Studies.

My blessings on your work. I was directed to you by Afalwyn, my best friend and sister priestess, also Welsh.

In faith Shan

Date: 18 Feb 1998
Time: 14:03:47


Blessed be. This is the woman who cleaned your house before you moved from Virginia. I just got online and was tickled to find this wonderful website. I am so excited about this. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. I look foward to exploring this more fully.

Amy"Burning Snow' Engman or Faery

Date: 20 Feb 1998
Time: 01:33:07


Really like it. Need a place to find more positive spells. I have uninvited spirits in my home wakeing my baby too many times during the night. Do have anything that will remove them and keep them from passing through? please E-mail me Thank you, Blessed Be, K-

Date: 25 Feb 1998
Time: 16:18:33


My name is wolf and i would like to express my great joy in joining your membership . This is a wonderful site full of great entertainment and great information and resources . I would like to thank you from the depths of my soul.

Date: 02 Mar 1998
Time: 21:22:26


hi, thought your website was very well done, very professionally presented, and very welcoming. getting my own website soon, and hope we'll be able to cross-link.

high prient, universal temple,

Date: 06 Mar 1998
Time: 08:40:23


What can I say thank you for creating such a beautiful web site, it is without doubt a place to come and find friends. Blessed Be Ravenwolf (

* feel free to come and chat!*

Date: 19 Mar 1998
Time: 20:02:00


Keep it going!!! Thorn

Date: 20 Mar 1998
Time: 15:40:37


Very nice web site. My first time here, and I will be back many more times.

Thank You, Moonslam

Date: 21 Mar 1998
Time: 05:34:11


You have a great site, well planned and constructed. I have sent in my registration to join and intend to make this site part of my home. It is set up well for newbies to get around and that I do appreciate. Dhanu

Date: 21 Mar 1998
Time: 10:53:59


Arrived at the Summerlands through chatting with Deb - and had a lovely visit. This is a site well worth visiting again. It's good to find a pleasant site with a welcoming hand extended. So many are not worth the power it takes to turn on the pc.

Please feel free to visit my page, as well at:   My door is also open... Best Regards - Gwydion O'Hara

Date: 22 Mar 1998
Time: 23:49:55


I really liked your website. I found the information on the Ogham and Celtic gods very interesting and in addition, I never knew before, or may have only suspected. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. Blessed Be! Irynstag

Date: 16 Apr 1998
Time: 00:29:50


Ahhhhh. A sanctuary. Thank you for creating this haven. Bright Blessings. -Werewolf

Date: 29 Apr 1998
Time: 22:32:19


I'm thoroughly overjoyed, incredibly blessed, to be associated with a global group of like-minded selves! I look forward to making wonderful connections with all of you soon!

Thanks for such a glorious site and services!


Pierre Grady "footlight"

Date: 05 May 1998
Time: 21:44:30


What a wonderful site! I've been lokking for a way to connect with others in the pagan community and just came on-line a few weeks ago. I found the concept of your community awe-inspiring. I wish you many Bright Blessings as you continue to grow. I will be back.

Merry Part,

Sarra Moondancer

Date: 17 May 1998
Time: 16:34:03


I'm very interested in Paganism and found your site to be both informative and enjoyable. I'm considering joining, just trying to decide how much I would participate.

Date: 18 May 1998
Time: 13:08:01


I was so please to find this web site. It is reasuring to know that there are people out there that care so much about nature and one another. Im so interested in wicca and paganism and feel very much at home reading and learning about it. You have a wonderful sight, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Blessed be.

Date: 22 May 1998
Time: 14:45:13


Question: Would your full webb page be available in print ava through snail mail?

I Thank You For Your Time and Concern In This Matter.

The Lady Branweyn.

Date: 31 May 1998
Time: 13:32:53


you have a vry interesting site. thanks for all the info.

Date: 31 May 1998
Time: 13:33:19


you have a vry interesting site. thanks for all the info.

Netta Pressman - Israel

Date: 06 Jun 1998
Time: 16:08:50


I love the changes. I love the new feel.


Date: 10 Jun 1998
Time: 08:47:01


Merry Meet. First, thank you for opening the Summerlands to all those who seek out the ripples, stones, footprints that are along side their path <g> A wise friend said that I would like this site--IT's TRUE! You have created a wonderful place in cyberspace, with diverse information that is easy to get to. I'll be back <g> *B*B Carole Ravendancer

Date: 24 Jun 1998
Time: 20:32:38


Hello. I'm new to paganism, and I really like the site. -Boraxx, follower of the Mother

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