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March 1997

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Date: 01 Mar 1997
Time: 11:10:20



I finally made it in to check out your site and what a lovely site it is. Brings to mind the deep longing I have for a real in the flesh community *sigh*.

One question : are the things currently available for download free or is there a fee? I found that confusing...and so I didn't download anything.

Blessings! Keely Ni Choileain

Date: 03 Mar 1997
Time: 11:13:16


Sunwyn Hrafnsdottir

Very nice site...looking forward to more info..:)

Date: 04 Mar 1997
Time: 02:28:53


Yes I'm a lost son of Celts in America; I've even lost my family name to the private soap operas and the tacit agreements and secret treaties, and the stories not told. But some of the truths have unraveled ... and the Welsh voice of the Mabinogion brought me the song of Rhiannon's blackbirds ... and the story of Cormac rought me comfort better than the Shining Branch. The Cup of Truth IS the family, and it carries the lifeblood. If lies are told, it can not carry much, when broken; but Truth brings healing! It is good to find many places to share the tales, and good the know the Land of Summer is virtually here! --Gregory Alan Beatty (Curtis)

Date: 04 Mar 1997
Time: 14:27:51


Date: 04 Mar 1997
Time: 14:29:13


Jerry DeVane- Hello folks!

Date: 04 Mar 1997
Time: 16:41:15


What fun! I can hardly wait to find out more!

Liam Fulton

Date: 06 Mar 1997
Time: 15:05:53


Searles and Deborah,

This is a truly lovely place. Your affection and dedication shine through.

Looking forward to signing up!

Slainte, Breanda Ni/ AnDha/

Date: 09 Mar 1997
Time: 06:51:33


One of the most beautiful sites I have wandered into. I hope you don't mind but I placed a link to it on my page. I'll be dropping by frequently.

Date: 12 Mar 1997
Time: 14:35:04


From -Urysexe MAc Grioghair- Oracle Owl Of The Wind!

I like your place it has a great feel of home to it.


Date: 13 Mar 1997
Time: 09:13:22


many HUGS!!!


Date: 19 Mar 1997
Time: 14:19:12


Brightest of Blessings Searles and Deborah. Great Heavens how I've missed you folks! Glad to see that this has come to pass, You have all been working on it so hard-so long. I am deeply impressed by everything. Please keep me on your e-mail. Giant hugs and kisses! TopazOwl sends the same.PeaceStarfire

Date: 21 Mar 1997
Time: 00:01:08


Greetings and Bright Blessings, brothers and sisters. I've just dropped in after closing my circle for this glorious Equinox. Is it just me or is there a sense of accomplishment just having made it through the dark ? I'm having a bit of difficulty finding info on how to register for the Summerlands community, but other than than, I'm reassured and comforted just by the fact that I have someplace to surf and be heard when I'm feeling this in touch with Gaia and Luna. Merry Met, Merlyn

Date: 21 Mar 1997
Time: 00:08:32


Just read the rest of the guestbook and echo everything. My email address is and also would like to be notified when registration becomes possible. Blessed Be, Merlyn (again).

Date: 28 Mar 1997
Time: 19:50:56


Wow Searles! I saw your post on Nemeton a while back, and am glad I wandered into your community. Like everything Celtic that you have produced, this is a blessing. I look forward to the growth of your community, and hope to eventually be a part of it.

Go mbeannai/ na de/ithe duit. Scott []

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