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February 1997

Created by Searles and Deborah O'Dubhain.
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What the Folks have to say about us:

Date: 01 Feb 1997
Time: 17:44:39

Comments finally comes together. This beautiful place shines with the energy and love behind it. Good luck to you both....from one who's been there.

Love and B*B,


Date: 03 Feb 1997
Time: 11:01:02


Searles and Deborah,

Congrats on a beautiful site! I am greatly anticipating it's growth. You've put a lot of work and love into its design, and I am looking forward to joining when the option becomes available.

I've followed your work for sometime, and you're an invaluable addition to the Celtic community. I look forward to additions.

Firedrake (Jim Fox-Davis)

Date: 03 Feb 1997
Time: 23:16:39


My dear friends!

It is a great pleasure to see this Land grow and prosper. I'm honored to be a part of it.

It seems The People have found a place, eh?

Many thanks for making it happen!

An Cli'un

Date: 05 Feb 1997
Time: 15:02:44


Hi Deb and Searles!

So wonderful to see a Guest book that's working! (insert envious sighs here!) >vbg<

Though we can't communicate with you people from our site yet, please stop by and have a look - and do feel free to bring your friends!.

Love & Joy, Christel and Elon


Date: 07 Feb 1997
Time: 09:39:25


Blessed Be ... Your site is intriquing .

As people gather at the Crossroads, may their hearts and minds find understanding.


Date: 10 Feb 1997
Time: 12:00:33


Merry Meet,

May the God and Goddess bless this site that all who travel through find what they seek. May knowledge, healing, love and fellowship be the stars which guide this mighty ship.

Blessed Be Cygnus

Date: 11 Feb 1997
Time: 13:57:07


I have three words for this page...FAB-U-LOUS!!! I'm looking forward to seeing some more... Kinrowan

Date: 13 Feb 1997
Time: 09:49:37


Teb sent me...and I'm so glad she did. It's like finding all the buddies I've missed...congregated at one site. Thank you so much. Let me know when we can join. I hope you'll take snail mail payment in advance...I don't do plastic. Thanks so much for setting this up...when do herb classes begin, TS...I'll be in the front row! Love to you both, Abby in Arkansas...I've missed you

Date: 13 Feb 1997
Time: 13:49:07


Strolled in from one of your posts to Nemeton...and glad I did. This is great! As one who follows the druidic path I find it wonderfully informative! Hope you don't mind...I'm adding a link at my site on the "Pagan" page, under "Natural Links." Drop by and visit!


Date: 14 Feb 1997
Time: 12:04:24


Beautiful site! Extraordinary organization and structure. I can tell you've put a lot of thought, time and effort into this project. I'll keep checking back with you in anticipation of a sign-up form for members.


Date: 16 Feb 1997
Time: 19:06:32


very good pages!! =)


Date: 17 Feb 1997
Time: 00:52:05


Upon enter the site I felt most welcome (unlike so many other sites)... in fact though the site is under construction I felt the need to tell you how much I liked it and sign your guestbook.... I look Forward to seeing more in the future

Luka Dreamingcrow

Date: 18 Feb 1997
Time: 09:41:16


Enjoying your site. Hope to visit often. Thanks for making it available. DramWeaver

Date: 20 Feb 1997
Time: 23:13:55


Christopher Lopez You have a great sight, keep up the good work

Date: 24 Feb 1997
Time: 00:58:41


Hi, Searles! What a lovely, warm place this is. How do I sign up?

Sla/n, Sarah Armstrong Joyal

Date: 25 Feb 1997
Time: 11:30:40


This site SO GREAT! I have never felt more welcome! Keep up the good work! If you have a mailing list for updates or something, please put me on it.

Date: 25 Feb 1997
Time: 23:11:32


This is a wonderful idea! I tried to sign up, but the graphical link didn't link. Please let me know how to sign up. Thanks Cassi

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