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January 1997

Created by Searles and Deborah O'Dubhain.
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Date: 16 Jan 1997
Time: 23:56:06



Friends, family, and a fire in the hearth! All that is needed can be found here!

An Cli'un

Date: 18 Jan 1997
Time: 13:33:07


Searles, I found this through IMBAS. It's so beautiful! I feel like I've really caught a glimpse of the true Summerland!!! I've said it before, you're a genius. Your wife is beautiful. Love radiates from the picture of you and from what you're creating together. May it always be so. Congratulations newlyweds! I will come here to absorb. I will subscribe. Heather de Belfontaine

Date: 18 Jan 1997
Time: 19:37:20


Searles, I saw your note on the IMBAS list. Thanks for letting all of us know about this woderful site your are building.

Very Nice Start. How are you planning to offer memberships? I would like to join your community when you are ready to accept members.

One comment, I like to print information from sites of interest for further reading offline, however when white text is used it does not print. If you want those that visit your pages to be able to make hardcopies you might consider using darker colors for text. Other than that, nice job. I hope to see more in the near future.

If you are starting a mailing list, Please add me to it.


Date: 19 Jan 1997
Time: 18:46:55


Deborah, Searles, I made it. It looks lovely, and certainly easier to access. Love Always, Nimyra

Date: 20 Jan 1997
Time: 10:05:12


Mortal words can not do justice to what you have done here. But I would not expect less from the authors! Keep up the good work, I will visit often (it is in my bookmarks now!). MarkF (Taranis ap Epona)

Date: 20 Jan 1997
Time: 11:14:25


Hi Deb and Searles!

Merry Meet!

We finally made it into "the green"!

What a beautiful place you've created. We're excited for you and looking forward to stopping by often.

Keep up the good work!

Blessings on you and your Magick Place!

Love & Joy, Christel & Elon

Date: 20 Jan 1997
Time: 22:34:35


It's really looking good ! So far. Keep up the good work ! Hope this finds you well. Love, John and Ruth

Date: 22 Jan 1997
Time: 16:37:30


Dearest Odub and TS:

To you dear friends..who were at my magickal initiation into the ways of the at whose magickal union in Marriage I was present..I bid you the very best of wishes on this your site of the future...

your friend who though a witch in this life was a druid in another argus

Date: 22 Jan 1997
Time: 22:26:29


Dear Searles and Deborah,

So wonderful to see your site! It is incredible, and I loved all the art and photos.


In case you are curious to see my site, it is at

Blessed Be to you both! I now go by my Birth Name, which I have decided is magical enough! (Being born is a pretty magical experince.) Susan Rose (aka Arianna)

Date: 22 Jan 1997
Time: 22:42:12


One of the best sites on the web! Thanks,Jim

Date: 23 Jan 1997


You mean this isn't the Bevis and Butthead web site?

Yo, folks! Nice job! Searles, what a wonderful beard you have. And TS! You never told me you were actually Xena the Warrior Princess!


Keep up the good work and Bless'd be! Thistle

Date: 23 Jan 1997
Time: 13:56:10


The colors of the Northern Rainbow upon you both! I look for much growing throughout the year.

Shimmering Best to you Both, Aurora

Date: 23 Jan 1997


Hi Searles and Deb, boy have you been working hard! The site looks absolutely fantastic!

Just looking in to wish you all the best for your launch.

Lots of love

Miranda and Richard

Date: 24 Jan 1997
Time: 19:39:51


Quite an amazing site and filled with items to warm the heart and soul. I am very impressed and hope to visit often......Suncatt

Date: 25 Jan 1997
Time: 15:35:17


Well I finally made it. :) I love the feel of the place. It is wonderful that you could do this.

Blessings Bear

Date: 30 Jan 1997
Time: 15:27:04


This is a beautiful site and I am happy to have made this journey. I am searching for a sense of community,perhaps I will find it here? I would be interested in a membership whenever you are accepting them.


Date: 30 Jan 1997
Time: 21:02:29


hi my name is Funkyjay... i live in Australia, i was going to sign up but i couldn't as the link was under construction... my email address is i really enjoy this way of thought/life as well ... blessed be ...


Date:31 Jan 1997
Time: 11:20:13


I've added you to my list of bookmarks. I'll come back when I've a bit more time.

mp, Mikel

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